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Cardigan Sweater back neck and shoulder shaping
I am so confused by the pattern that I'm currently working on. I'm not a beginning knitter, but this is my first cardigan, and I feel like the pattern is written in a challenging manner. Please dumb it down as much as possible, because I feel like I really don't get it. If you know of any helpful videos or pictoral instructions, even better.

The pattern is from the book
Knitting For Him by Wendy Baker
Pattern name: Argyll Cardigan

The sweater is knit as five parts: back, sleeves, front. and the collar is added on after all of the work is done.

I'm working on the back from the bottom up, and I'm at the point where I've decreased down to 129 stitches, and the main portion of the back is finished.

The instructions say:
Shape back neck

K44 and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder
(I don't understand, because to me it sounds like it should be half of the available stitches on the needle, but that would equal 88)

Work each side of neck separately.
Dec 1 st at neck edge of next 3 rows, 41 sts (by neck edge are they saying only on the Right or Left side, or both)
Work 2 rows, ending with RS facing for next row (I get this part)

Shape Shoulder

Bind of 14 sts at beg of next and foll alt row (not really sure what foll alt row means)
Work 1 row (I get this part)
Bind off rem 13 sts (I get this part)
With RS facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, bind off center 35, and K to end
Complete to match first side, reversing shaping.

Any help with this would be great, My husband asked me to make it for him, and I had no idea the shaping would trip me up. I really want to finish it for him before Winter.
Thank You Everyone
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