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FOs: Little Knitted Wristband Motivators
Hey, that's me again. I am not sure what to call these things yet, it's a wristband that is supposed to express one's views of the world, or project a certain message or and possibly motivate to live up to a certain view of oneself. I don't know if it's appropriate to mention the blog but more detailed explanation together with the story behind it is here.

But these pictures are for your entertainment, as always.

So, this one just means 'love', and it is a sort of encrypted message that anyone can attach to anything.

This one says 'NS locavore'

This one is I bike , to promote healthy life style.

and again I bike (now in more musculine colours that match a larger number of husband's t-shirts)

I imagine that you could knit anything you wish -- from your national flag to the 'due month' for expecting mothers... to demonstrate a little 'I am what I knit' in yet another way. What do you guys think?
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