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Inconspicuous way to dec. extra stitches in raglan sweater?
Hello again,

I finally got going on my hardest project ever, the Julissa sweater, (thanks to suzeeq's input!). Now that I'm 8 rounds deep into the lace/cable raglan neckline/beginning chest, I realize I've somehow ended up with extra stitches here and there - 3 total.

The first is in the stockinette back of the sweater, and I'm considering just doing k2tog near one of the edges- would that work?

The other 2 extra stitches are in 2 different increase sections near the sleeves, where there's lace and cable. Yikes! Is there a way to do this without it looking too crappy? This being my first sweater, my expectations are pretty low, but I'd like it to not be an eyesore.

Thanks in advance for any clever ideas you might have!
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