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Progress...slow but sure!
Oy vey. Of the 91 rows that need to be worked before the armhole shaping commences...I'm up to Row 75.

My row gauge being "off" is showing it's ugly head. By measuring what I've done so far, and calculating how tall the last 26 rows will piece will come in at 3/4" taller than the 'estimate' given in the pattern.

I can live with that, however this means that my armhole will measure 9.75" (rather than 9") if I work all 77 armhole rows prescribed. So I will have to eliminate 3 or 4 rows from the armhole. It wouldn't be a biggy except that the designer says to end the armholes at the shoulder on a Chart row 14. I'll have to end on a Chart Row 10 or 11.

See how it looks (above) before blocking? Yipes!

I really love how the ribbing transitions right into the Charted Pattern stitch! Smooth. Seamless. The pattern has a great "set up row". It really adds a nice launch for the Chart.

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