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I don't have music on while knitting due to daughter who works night shifts and sleeps during day. Thankfully she has moved her bed back into the bed room now that the darn loft bed is out of there. Grandson needs some one keeping an eye on him in that bedroom because he goes into things he has no business messing around with.
But if I did listen to music while knitting, it would be old country like Jim Reeves, Charlie Pride , Charlie Rich , Blackhawk, George Strait, Conway Twitty and other old country artists. The current crop of country music is not country enough for me. I don't even listen to he country radio station any more because all they play is the new stuff that sounds like pop music to me. I will be doing a lot of knitting closer to Christmas because I have a couple of items I want to knit to donate to a Daylily Convention I will be going to in 2014. Intend to make something for both a man and a woman so that more money can be brought in to support the AHS since I am a member of it.
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