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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Yeah, I agree with the other, leave the knitting at home. You might bring it along after you're better acquainted, but some people don't understand that you can keep your hands busy while your mind is still fully engaged in visiting with them.

Check out thrift stores, they often have a lot of yarn that's maybe $1 per ball if that, or a bag for a couple bucks. Or you can often find a crocheted afghan for $3 that you can rip out and use the yarn. If it's multiple colors you'll get a lot of small balls though and it needs to be in colors you like, but sometimes you can get one that's a single color that's not a baby pastel. The senior citizen's thrift stores are often the cheapest, but other can be very inexpensive too. I found 7 balls of knit picks Shine worsted for about 45 cents each; that store also had sugar n cream for about the same, and some Louisa Harding yarn and NZ wool very inexpensively.
I want to live in Montana with Susie! Would love to know where you get these deals. My church has a thrift store. I knew one of the workers and she showed me garbage bags full of nice yarn. But they're stingy and only put out a few at a time. And that's mostly remnants that you can't even get one full skein's worth out of. All the thrift stores in my town are stingy with putting yarn out. I'm envious when I hear about deals like this.
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