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I relearned knitting last year after a 30 year break. I started with what was supposed to be an easy baby sweater pattern with a bulky yarn which was very fluffy/fuzzy making it difficult to see the stitches. I spent hours knitting and ripping out without getting past the first few rows. Sat with an experienced knitter for hours, same thing. We laughed ourselves sick, but still no progress.

We thought it was the yarn making things difficult, so I got new non-fuzzy yarn and started again to no avail. Watched tutorial after tutorial from the big knitting companies, still nothing. Then watched a tutorial from a woman in New Zealand (I think) who said the magic words: "Knit one stitch, MOVE THE YARN TO THE FRONT, purl one stitch, MOVE THE YARN TO THE BACK."

None of the other tutorials said to move the yarn. They all just assumed the learner knew to do that. I wonder if this could be the problem here?
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