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Substitute for Rowan All Season's Cotton-Help pls!
I've taken a long hiatus from knitting, and I came across a boys' sweater that I just have to make. I've been officially bitten by the knitting bug! Its calls for 10 balls of Rowan all season's cotton. That would be $80 for a 6 year old's sweater! Ridiculous. And obviously I know I could find any brand X in worsted weight and make sure I have enough yardage, but the Rowan all seasons cotton is twisted differently than any of the cotton blends on knitpicks and I realllllyyyy like it (take a look: More plys perhaps? In any case it LOOKS different.

So what I am really asking here is if anyone knows not only how to find a similar cotton blend substitute but one with similar plys and twists? Too tall an order? I hope not, and one of you lovely ladies has an easy
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