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Originally Posted by margrue View Post
"By the way, my yarn is Plymouth Encore."
It would be helpful to know what yarn the pattern recommends, what the gauge of the pattern is, and if your yarn is the same weight as that recommended by the pattern.
Since Pymouth Encore comes in more than one weight, (DK,Worsted, Chunky, and Mega) perhaps the one you have is not the one the pattern calls for. Just a thought.
First of all, the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and the gauge is 20 sts=4",so therefore I have the correct weight of yarn (mine is worsted weight). I always check the yarn label before I puchase it, and I have used Plymouth Encore worsted weight in patterns before and never had any problems with getting the gauge, but this is a pattern I have never used and I don't understand what the problem is--very frustrating.
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