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Thank you everyone! It is so encouraging to read those words. I am very slow and I hope I get faster, I looked online on youtube video but only ended up with the yarn twisted around my fingers

I am actually stuck on my pattern. If anyone could advise me as to what to do, it would be so brilliant!

I have on shaping the shoulder (only the right side) The other side has a stitch holder which I think I will be working on soon.

It says:

Cast of rem 6 sts in patt. (this is what I am currently working on)
With rs facing, working on rem 20 sts, slip 1 st onto a safety pin, rejoin yarn to rem 19 sts and knit to end.

What is right-side and how do I know this? When I slip 1 onto a safety pin, is this the first one next to the neck or the one nearest to the shoulders?

Thank you in advance
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