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Rainbow sock monkey
YEAH! I've seen this commercial soo many times now I'm ready to give in and knit the damn thing Bet they didn't know it wasn't just a Pier One commercial :D

Knitting the Diatom Shawl at the moment. I'm just getting to the point it's taking more than a day to complete one row which is really, really boring. Amazingly it's actually the only knitting project I have going at the moment o.O Can't remember the last time that happened to me. So, rainbow sock monkey? I think I actually have some yarn that looks like a muppet exploded Gotta have hubby haul all my yarn boxes to our ginormous walk in closet so I can sort 'em out. We just moved from one state to another and I've discovered I have more yarn than clothes and now a closet that also has shelves I put my yarn on
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