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Can I please have some more help?

I feel very guilty as all I am ever doing is asking about such and such...

I am stuck on the neckband.

It says:

Join right shoulder seam. With rs facing, using 3 1/4mm needles pick up and knit 32 sts evenly along left side of neck, knit st left on a safety pin at centre of V, pick up and knit 32 sts evenly along right side of neck and 20 sts from 17 cast off sts at back of neck. 85 sts.

So I understand the rs facing but what do they mean by pick up and then to knit 32 sts? Do I pick up the last stitch on the seam? Also it says left side of the neck... does this mean that when I pick up the stitch I have to turn it around which then means I am knitting on the left of the neck.

So sorry about this, it just all seems so confusing to me. Perhaps I have picked something too tricky? It did say easy knit on the paper though lol
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