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Thank you!

I knitted and purled a scarf which was great as it helped me to understand the basics of knitting. This is my second project and I have learnt so much from this. I always thought knitting was too hard for me but now that I have made the front and back, I feel quite proud of myself

My pattern doesn't mention circular needles in the section where they tell you all the things you need. I have never used these before and you are probably right about using them. I will have a look at my craft store tomorrow!

I unfortunately have a question lol...

So I understand that you pick up 32 sts then knit the middle...then pck up another 32, that is is all fine.

Its the 20 and 17 that I do not uunderstand...

In total I would have 64 stitches... How do I get the 20 sts? And when it's casting off 17 sts, it mentions the back of the neck. I am pretty confused as to where it is (silly I know!)

One thing though... I have a friend who is doing the same pattern and has only started, least I can help when the time arises lol
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