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Thanks, Everyone. I left the knitting at home and we had a marvelous evening and very stimulating conversation.

I received my Addi's and will be giving them a try this weekend

Work has been so insane this week that I have done ZERO knitting. It's about all Ive been able to manage to get home and fall into bed so I can do it all over again the next day.

As to the stash... I'll just see what develops. I haven't really worked on very many different things and have just been picking up what I need for each project. Thing is... I absolutely abhore, hate, and despise shopping in stores. I prefer online where I can make my purchases without needing to worry about what hours a brick and mortar store is open. Shopping for yarn online is kind of difficult doncha know.

Anyhow. I'll be back to knitting baby-girl-this-and-that for the foreseeable future
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