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I had a site bookmarked, but they closed the blog. Basically, it's a bag with one end open tied shut with a drawstring. You measure the height and width of your Ipod. You figure out your gauge with the yarn and needles you want to use. Get the stitches per inch and cast on that number. You can knit this as one long piece and stitch up the sides or you can knit it as a tube and sew the bottom shut. Leave the top open for the Ipod and drawstring. It's like an Ipod sock. I think I used a #7 needle and cast on 24 stitches. I used a k1,p1 rib because it hugs the form better and is more forgiving if your gauge is off a little. I adapted this for my boss's cell phone at Christmas time. She was always losing her phone and her earpiece. This one has a pocket on the outside for that.
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