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I posted before that I am extremely new to knitting and i'm completely lost! I am very confused about the needles. I was going to order some and I just dont know what I'm doing! I found a package of 16 needles it says it goes from US 0 - US 16 and that they are 12 inches. What does that mean? Is 12 inches the length of the needle? If so is it crucial? Like do you need to use different lengthed needles for different projects? I want to start with a scarf and I looked at some patterns on the website and the ones that tell you materials needed are saying US 8 but nothing about the inches/length?! Also I noticed that some of the patterns on this web site don't even tell you what needles you would need? I'm also very lost about the yarn lingo is there somewhere I can go to learn about the differences in yarns? I saw this website has the abbreviations but nothing about the yarn? PLEASE HELP!!! I really want to make this a hobby but I am so very confused lol
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