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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
Those are lovely! I want to go on this cruise just to see all the wonderful things you've knit. Bringing along a large trunk by any chance?
We decided to buy all new luggage for our trip and we like duffle bag style luggage instead of actual suitcases. I have always loved LL Bean's stuff so I thought since we were driving instead of flying I would buy their xlarge bags and get two for each of us and a medium sized shoulder style bag. Wellllll, you talk about a trunk! lol Just one of the duffle bags is 17"H x 34"Long x 15"D. This thing is huge and each of us have two of them so we definitely have plenty of space to bring stuff home! Jack's is a yellow gold color and black trim sort of bumblebee and mine are pink and black. For once I can take as many pairs of shoes and handbags as I want without Jack griping we don't have enough room!
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