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Place marker help
I'm knitting a long cable knit sweater that has decreases to shape through hips/waist. The pattern calls for 139 stitches per row. Then the following: rib 32 pmA rib 75 pmA rib 32 ( so I see the markers are evenly spaced from the ends ) the next row is: rib to 1 st before marker, ssp, smA, k2tog, rib to next marker, ssk, smA, p2tog, rib to end. Here's what I don't understand: it seems that the first decrease ssp occurs over the two stitches on either side of the first marker (so I have to remove it to do the ssk and then replace it) with the second decrease on the inside (center) of the work, but when you get to the other end the third decrease is after the second marker (that i replace afterwards) with the fourth on the outside panel of the work. But then the shaping is not centered, so I think that can't be right. Can someone help me understand? thanks!!
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