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Turning the Heel
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knitting onto a metal ring
I am stuck! I know how to do the "knit on" cast on, but am having trouble getting it onto the ring. I have looked for a video, but can not find one. This pattern is free and here is the part that I am having a problem with:

Knit cast on 18 st on size 10 DPN.
Knit 18 st around one ring, alternating front and back of the ring, using 6 stitches each on 3 DPNs to keep the stitches tight to the ring. Turn.
K6, P6, K6. Turn.
*(K18. Turn. K6, P6, K6. Turn.) Work * 4 times for 8 rows
[total 9 rows, 18 st on needle]

Transfer stitches to 29 size 10 circular.

Thanks so much for any help!

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