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hi there all, I am a Chronic Fatigue sufferer as well. I have something similar to FM but it is Myofascial Pain Syndrome. I read that it differs from FM in several ways but the only one I have noticed is that the pain pressure points come and go and may be in different areas. I have other issues such as a Lupus type illness, Severe Raynaud's Phenomenon, malabsorption, and borderline diabetes. Most times my sugar level is good but it seems to go haywire without warning. I have other issues as well but too numerous to mention. My symptoms are annoying but so far they are not life threatening. I am 44 and have been on Medical Leave from my job for a while now. I miss working very much but I get muscle weakness and have issues with back and neck pain. I can't do a lot of things for extended hours and must switch up positions often
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