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Wool suggestions!
Hello lovely people. I have just joined this site to ask for some help if I may be so cheeky! I dont want to ask in our shop as invariably they will sell me something which isnt right and my pile of unfinished projects will stack up even further, so I am hoping you kind people might have some advice! I have bought a fabulous book of blanket patterns, it wasnt until I got home that I realised it was using rowan wool. Had I known, I probably wouldnt have bought it as I dont really want to remortgage the house just to knit a lovely big blanket! The pattern I love calls for rowan all seasons, but the woman in the shop suggested rowan handwool would equally work (It might have been because they didnt stock all seasons, but had stacks of the other - forgive my lack of trust, please!!). I would love to know if anyone could recommend a good value for money wool which would work with the pattern at the same tension (around 20 stitches, to 28 rows on 4mm needles I think). Kind regards, Lucy
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