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Originally Posted by Rosamystica315 View Post
Thank you, Ingrid. However, I am still confused because I believe I have to start knitting at the beginning of the stitches, which is not where the old yarn I cut is located. I'm using double pointed needles and have to flip them and start at the 'foot edge'. There is no strand there; I would have to start a new one, but all the videos I've seen about joining yarn are about joining in the same place where the old strand is and knitting both strands together for a few stitches. To start at the boot edge I would not have any strand to begin with.
If the yarn is in the middle of the row how did you get to the end if you cut the yarn? I often start a new yarn in the middle of a project (by choice). No matter where you start you'll need to just start knitting with the new yarn and you can weave in the ends later. I loosely tie the two ends together normally. I'm still trying to figure out how you cut the yarn in the middle, but are at the end...

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