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Sorry, must not have clicked the quote button like I thought I did.

Art Lady said:

VERY EASY. However, it requires 16" circs for the cast on and the first 10" or so...and finally, after the stitches are decreased to the point that you can't knit in-the-round any further, you must have a set of at least 4 dpn's to finish off the top of the hat.

My opinion is that pattern designers and yarn companies tell you to do the hat decreases with double points so they can sell you more needles. I don't believe they're necessary. I like to use magic loop for my hats. I don't use 16 inch. The longer the circular, the better. I'm using 32 inch circulars because that's what came with my interchangeable set. Eventually I want to buy a 40 inch. I use a single or traveling loop for the body of the hat and switch to magic loop for the decreases when it gets a bit small and tight.
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