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Thank you for all your nice get well messages. There is a good chance that I could have osteoporosis, which could have been the reason why my bone broke. The main reason for staying so long was to do with needing to see the occupational therapist and her not being there. A friendly and chatty lot of fellow patients helped the time pass ok.

Unfortunately my recovery has not been as good as it had seemed. When they put a lightweight cast on instead of the heavy, plaster one today and took an x-ray they noticed that my ankle joint was too wide. They advised that I would need a plate put in to correct the problem. I have to go in tomorrow morning our time for surgery at about 1 pm and should be in for 1 or 2 nights.

I have to keep my leg elevated so that the blood keeps flowing to my heart.

Goodness me, Nonny, that was a very difficult challenge you faced. I don't know what I would have done without my hubby this past 3 weeks.

Lady in pjs, be careful near those basement stairs!

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