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Originally Posted by minguier View Post
Started my first project and made the rookie mistake of not writing down what my last row was ie purl or knit.

Have been doing 1 row of knit, then 1 row of purl. The flat side is now up and in my left hand and I can't remember whether I should be purling or knitting for the next row.

Please help!
The others have given you great advice on how to read your stitches. I'll just add that I always mark the 'right' side of my work on a pattern where the rows alternate. Choose a way that makes sense to you. What I do is place a stitch marker on the right side. so that if the marker is on the side facing me as I'm working, I know from the pattern that I'm working a 'right' side (as opposed to a 'wrong' or back side) row.
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