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Originally Posted by Tntgin4118 View Post
I have a set of the Denise Interchangables and used them a LOT until I started trying to do magic loop. The cables are just too stiff (IMO) for that. But for $8.... yeah, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I found a really good deal on a used set of AddiClicks (Lace) and those work nicely for me on magic loop. I'm sure I'll still use my Denise set too. It all depends on what I'm knitting and where. Not sure the TSA will like my metal Addis on an aircraft<G>.
Same here. It is impossible to do magic loop knitting with these. The "cords" are too think and stiff. I think that is why I had to tug on them so much to get the knitting up and around the needles.

I bought a set of 15 bamboo circs on for only $24. I work them a lot and I LOVE them. And some of them aren't sharp enough but I used a nail file to sharpen the tips of them.

Anyway, my denise ones are now collecting dust as the only method I use in the round is magic loop.

Dont feel too guilty, if you knit a lot it pays to have tools that work for you and that you enjoy!!
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