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And I know nothing about the Korean War. From what I see on his information online, he was killed at the Chosin Reservoir. Okay, so what's that? Just a name to me. I do some digging into the history. The US and UN troops were in North Korea expecting to make a quick end of the war and go home. All of a sudden, they were caught by surprise by Chinese troops crossing the border into North Korea, attacking them with everything they had. They were outnumbered 120,000 to 20,000. The Marines astounded the Chinese by running into the battle rather than away from it to rescue fellow Marines caught behind enemy lines. Reunited with their comrades they, along with the army divisions like the one Arthur was from, fought all the way to the coast to escape by ship. The battle ran from November 27-December 11, 1950. Arthur was killed November 28th. Though badly outnumbered, the US and UN troops crippled or destroyed 7 Chinese divisions.

Edit: My son and I watched a documentary on Chosin this morning. Two of these Chinese divisions that were destroyed were never heard from and never fought again.
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