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Increasing rows for sleeves

I am doing a baby top down sweater and now am doing the sleeves. As per the patter there are 29 sts for sleeves and its all to be completed in stockinette pattern.

This is what pattern says:

Row1 (WS): Purl F&B of 1st st, purl till last, Purl F&B os last st (31 sts)

I think i need more than 31 stitches since i like the sleeves to be bit loose and have some area underarms. So here is the question:

I want to increase total 4 sts so doo i need to increase all the 4 sts on Row1 or can i increase 2 on row1 and anothere two on row2? Which looks better and will is the correct way?

Help Please.........
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