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Pattern Help - Stockinette and Increasing
I'm working on a baby sweater and I'm confussed by their language, specifically for the sleeves. The instructions are:


Cast on 17 (21-21) sts. Knit 3 rows (garter st), noting 1st row is WS and inc 1 st at center of last row. 18 (22-22) sts.

Proceed in stocking st, inc 1 st each end of next and every following 6th (6th-4th) row until there are 26 (30-34) sts.

Cont even for 7 (8-9)" [19 (21.5-24) cm] total length, ending with a purl row. Cast off.

And the questions are:

- When I "proceed in stocking" (stockinette) am I starting that row, which would be the 4th row of the sleeve, with a knit or a purl to begin stockinette?

- Where it says, "inc 1 st each end of next and every following 6th row . . . " does that mean that I increase in the next row I knit, which would be the first row of stockinette, or do I knit 5 rows of stockinette and then increase for the first time on the 6th row?

Thank you for your help!!
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