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FO: Ruffle scarf, bracelets, and another bear.
Hi again,

I have a number of projects that I recently finished but didn't have a chance to take a picture of or post. So here they are. This scarf is a 'thank you' gift. For all continental style knitters -- it is much easier to learn to knit English style for this project than try to unfold the yarn with the left hand.

This is a mixed-media project with my multi-craft-y friend who loves embroidery. I made a simple tube for her and she added the details.

And I am slowly chugging along with my 'write your own message' bracelet. So far I have the alphabet knitted so now I know which letters need some creative re-charting...

And if you made is so far -- a bonus bear 'cause they are cute Now it's my favourite mindless 'to go' project.

My kids are my inspiration. I am mostlymom on Ravelry. I also have a local blog Halifax Charity Knitters
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