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I decided on making a small swatch that I might put into a scarf
That's a great way to start! Please be sure to let us know how things progress. I want to do the 2 color double knitting as in the video but I haven't gotten the hang of working with 2 yarns yet.

Originally Posted by NorthernIrelandKnitter View Post
Well done on the completion of your project! There's not a lot online. I had a lot of trouble finding anything, but Kelly Klem has done a lot. She's a member of this forum. There is also a double knitting yahoo group.

Did you manage to find instructions for doing an open bind-off?

Thank you. I think I read here how to do an open bind off, when I did one, I slipped every other stitch to another needle, then bound off as normal. This time I actually knitted 2 tog. to form a single set of stitches, on purpose.
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