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Deep end knitting
I decided to start knitting again, after a hiatus of many years, and am working on a "hoodie". Big mistake, not only is it taking ages to do, as it's for a XXL sized MAN but it's all boring ol' stocking stitch. However, I can see the finish line in the distance now as I'm galloping towards the end of the final bit, the hood. When I started the hood (after completing the front, back and two sleeves) I thought - thank god, I'm nearly there ... only to discover it's quite wide AND about 85 cms in length (which is 33 inches) ... AND I've just realised I'm about two balls short and coming to the end of my last one, silly me, but eBay to the rescue.

So, I vow, to thee, my next project will be something smaller, considerably smaller, er, like a vest.

My project news, that's all - fairly boring to all I assume. But fun for me.

David (Sydney, Australia)
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