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Originally Posted by amy View Post
Oh no! We've all done it on something/s. Sorry it was on your first, proud pair of socks!
I've only ever attempted socks once in my life and that was when I was 11....a looong time ago lol.
My primary school teacher had the patience of a saint but even I managed to stretch her patience!
In the end she made my socks for me - at parents & teachers evening my mother said my name and a voice from across the classroom said "Oh THAT SOCK!" I was totally mortified lol.
I have some lovely patterns for socks but just haven't been able to make them. Now I'm a grandma I've made a lot of toys, cardi's jumpers, hats you name it I've probably made it but socks? nope.
Maybe I should add "socks" to my Bucket List lol
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