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What a wonderful collection of baby items! Love the bears, and the blankets, and the . . . okay, I like everything!

You've inspired me (did you know you were an inspiration?)! I have been wanting to destash by making some baby things but wasn't sure what to do with the items once they're made. I had vague ideas about contacting the local hospital here, but it's very small and most people only use it for emergencies.

I've known that there was a crises pregnancy center in a nearby town, but it never occurred to me that they take handmade items as donations--until your post. So I contacted them yesterday to see if they would welcome handmade baby things. Needless to say, they have more need for these items than I can probably fill, but nonetheless, I'm happy to make as many things as I can for them. I already have two baby hats, and I'm doing some bibs now.

See! Inspiration, indeed! Thank you!
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