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Originally Posted by fatoldladyinpjs View Post
I just got back into crocheting a couple of months ago. I've been doing charity hats for winter. Long story, but I quit smoking so I looked for something to tuck in my purse and do at break time rather than burn one.

Like you, I quit smoking about 20 years ago by crocheting. Alas for me, quitting didn't stick through my divorce. But it does work! And even better, it's still working for you!!

You're 100% spot on on all of the ways to increase evenly while crocheting, and ways to make the center lie flat - took me awhile back then to figure it out by making several round potholders, or what turned out to be several round potholders that started life as something else.

I just didn't want the same thing to happen on this knitted doily, which seems like it's going to work out now that I'm almost half done. <crossing my fingers that I haven't jinxed myself>

Seriously in need of some longer DPN though to finish this doily - I'm up to the 7 inchers now. Too many stitches crunched onto too short of a needle, plus YO at the end of each needle = a disaster in the making.

When I mentioned needing longer DPN to Husband, he sweetly offered to tape my 6" DPN together to make an even foot per needle. What's up with THAT???

So sweetly did he offer that I immediately ordered a set of 10" Addi size 1 DPN to prevent the unfortunate but lovingly performed husband project. That way I could tell him the set is on its way, but thank you for the thought anyway.

Better than shouting "DON'T TOUCH MY NEEDLES," which was my first instinct.


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