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Thank you to everyone for all the kind responses!!!!

Originally Posted by Antares View Post
What a wonderful collection of baby items! Love the bears, and the blankets, and the . . . okay, I like everything!

You've inspired me (did you know you were an inspiration?)! I have been wanting to destash by making some baby things but wasn't sure what to do with the items once they're made. I had vague ideas about contacting the local hospital here, but it's very small and most people only use it for emergencies.

I've known that there was a crises pregnancy center in a nearby town, but it never occurred to me that they take handmade items as donations--until your post. So I contacted them yesterday to see if they would welcome handmade baby things. Needless to say, they have more need for these items than I can probably fill, but nonetheless, I'm happy to make as many things as I can for them. I already have two baby hats, and I'm doing some bibs now.

See! Inspiration, indeed! Thank you!
YAY!!!!! I did not know I was an inspiration, thank you for telling me! Everyone here has been an inspiration for me. Most pregnancy centers run on donations alone, so if they run out of money and supplies, they are stuck. They give each lady a month supply of diapers and wipes, and a baby blanket, and anything else they want. I'm going to organize a diaper drive in the next couple months, they said that's what they need the most!

Originally Posted by Tntgin4118 View Post
Awesome, Shana! My DIL is in her internship at a women's crisis center in the Dallas area. So many times women arrive with, literally, the clothes on their backs. Babies or children in pjs (or just a diaper) and traumatized, favorite toy or comfort item left behind. Those caring gifts mean more than you can imagine to those Moms. Those are Blessings you give... so much more than gifts.

Best wishes to you!

Some of the stories you hear are so sad. A lot of girls are kicked out of their houses when their families find out that they are expecting. I've thought of different things I could do for charity knitting, it's really important for people my age to take a look beyond our own worlds (which sometimes we believe revolve around us) and see that there are other worlds which are full of suffering and pain. Even though some people have made mistakes, it's helpful to remember that I make mistakes too, and that if I was in that position, I would want someone to help me.
And the funny thing is, in giving something away, your time, your energy, your money, your effort, you gain so much more!!!
Knitting is so cool!!
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