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Originally Posted by Daylilydayzed View Post
When my daughter wore an outfit I made for her in middle school, her friend wanted to know where she bought it at. My daughter told her " My Mom made it". Then the friend showed her true colors by saying" So that is why it looks so tacky". I was taught to sew by a great teacher in high school that when you have people asking where you bought something that you made, you have reached the level of HandMade items. Sewing for me was an outlet that let me save money when my kids were growing up. I have a son who when a chil, clothes in the stores did not fit him, even the smallest size sold in stores was too big on him. He is 37 now and buys his clothes in the boys departments of stores. he is about 5 ft tall, weighs less than 100 lbs and most people who see him think he is a teenager. It really shocks them when they find out that he is an adult.
That's too bad about the girl saying it looked tacky. Sounds like she was jealous. I made my MS GD a sweater from cotton yarn and she told me she was asked where she got her sweater so her friend could go get one for herself. Even though you got something of a backhanded compliment, it was a compliment just the same. Middle schoolers are impossible creatures! We love them just the same. I hated sewing at school, all I learned was I didn't like the way the teacher had us do anything. When she found out I had made the princess seam jacket I was wearing and matched the checks she decided that maybe I could sew. She was not a good teacher, nobody learned anything except sewing sucks from her. I still shudder at the thought.
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