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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Absolutely amazingly gorgeous! A dress fit for a queen.

I love all the Irish crochet, and even the pearls look nice even though I'm not one for "crudding" up a dress (no offense meant to you or your mom--crud is what I call all the pearls and sparklies on a dress; it's my catch-all code word for the bling long before bling was a word)!

So who is this dress for? And you say, this is ONE of them--so there are more?

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much. She was going for the 18th century look and it really does look like it, and yes there are a few more, I'll post them up a little bit later. She also currently wants to showcase them somewhere, but no clue where.

Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
Stunningly beautiful! The Irish Crochet motifs are meticulously worked - your Mom is quite the artisan!

Do you know if she threaded the pearls onto her crochet thread to crochet them in, or if she sewed them on? Either way it's an amazing labor of love...

Thanks. She sewed them later on after all the parts were done.

Originally Posted by Wanda Witch View Post
WOW! Amazing work. Did she also make the fabric part of the dress too? I used to be an excellent seamstress but never got into embroidery or beading work. Beautiful dress.

She did everything what you see in the photos, including all the fabrics.

I'll post more pictures of the other ones she has made, stay tuned!
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