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Jacques Cousteau Hat: good news!
A while back, couple of knitters here at KH were asking me how to find the pattern for this Jacques Cousteau style hat. (so named cuz he made the style famous)

Anyway, the link to the pattern (in the Jacques Cousteau hat at Ravelry) led to a dead end, a locked (password entry) blog of some sort.

Today someone else again contacted me about sharing the pattern via email. But I couldn't for two reasons: I hadn't saved the pattern, and even ft if I had I wasn't sure about its copyright language. Just because it's a free pattern doesn't mean she can't restrict how it's shared.

Anyway, I don't think it was originally shared as a pdf. But today I found it. Via google search which led me back to Ravelry which led me right to the pdf in English.

Here is the link to the Dropbox page with the JC Hat.pdf sitting right there in the middle of the page! You will have to download the pdf yourself. I'm certain I can't put the pattern here in KH.
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