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The bibs are a quick knit and, actually, the cardi is, too. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it went.

I would think that a knitted burp cloth in soft yarn and a smooth stitch would be fine. Think of the knitted washcloths that are so handy. Speaking of which, baby washcloths would be fun to make, too. I suspect, though, that both washcloths and burp cloths might be best done in cotton. Unfortunately, I don't have an overabundance of cotton yarn.

The pregnancy care center where I'll donate these items (tomorrow--yay) not only gives women a gift "as a reminder of the soon-to-come baby," but it also allows them to earn points by attending trainings and seminars. Then they use these points to "buy" items in the pregnancy center's store. For this reason, I thought it might be nice to include some cute baby clothes and other novelty items (i.e., not just necessities).

Some things I've considered making (which might give you some ideas, too) include: vests, leg warmers, dresses, animal hats, baby mittens, cuddle sacks (love the pod that Jan linked to), baby Converse booties, headbands, and onesies. Perhaps if I can get at least one of all these done, I'll be out of stash.

Thanks for your kind comments.
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