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Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
Your post sent me out in search of what a boudoir cap was designed for. For those who are as insatiably curious as I am there's an interesting bit of history behind them here:
Thanks for the link, Charlotte. From what I've read, boudoir caps were also worn to bed--to keep women's hairdos from being messed up.

I also saw patterns for "hair receivers," decorated containers in which women collected hair from their brushes and . . . . then what they did with that hair, I don't know! Not sure I WANT to know.

Interesting that the article you linked to says that after women cut their hair short, boudoir caps weren't needed--interesting because almost all the models wearing boudoir caps in the antique pattern books had short hair. So obviously short hair didn't stop women from wearing these "night caps."

Verrrrry interesting!
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