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Pattern help - crossed stitches (twists)
Hi there

I'll go straight to the point: I'm working on a pattern and am completely stuck. I really hope there is somebody on this forum who can help me.

The pattern is from the (Dutch version of the) book "Lesley Stanfield & Melody Griffiths - The Encyclopedia of Knitting". I've already made quite some patterns, and though it is a challenge everytime I do manage to complete them. At least, so far...

The problem is, that the pattern has twists in it. I can do those, but I can't read them "on a reverse needle". What I mean is this: when the pattern says "knit" all the way, it is really knit on the even rows but purl on the rows that aren't even (reverse).
With the twists, the symbols are only explained for right-side rows. This makes sense, as most patterns only use them in right-side rows. The wrong-side rows (reverse) are just k or p (sometimes through backside loop). But the one pattern I'm struggling with also uses these symbols in wrong-side rows. And in that case I'm at a total loss. I've tried all sorts of things and have been struggling for a month now... I don't want to give up though - it has to be possible!

PS I'd like to post links to the pattern and the book but I need more posts (I'm new here...)
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