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KnitBeg Introduction
Hi there

First of I found the introduction thread I'm not too used to fora, so this ain't my first post here I already asked for help I guess that says a lot

I am happy to have found this community. I am forever juggling with my knitting and it would be great if there are people outthere who can help. I did pay some attention in class, but I think it is about 20 years agoo that I was told to knit and purl I hope to get enough experience to help others in return, but that will take some time.

What to tell... I'm not much for the big projects - I don't really have the patience. I've made hats and purses and are currently working on book covers. Even things that small I knit partly and sew together

I recently got into knitting with "relief". So not as much in different colours or shapes, but rather cables and stuff... I'm not too experienced at it yet.

Take care and maybe see you around somewhere,
KnitBeg (= Knitter & Beginner)
It seems so easy...
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