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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
Basically, you're picking up the stitches from your provisional cast on. That's the initial row that you knit with the cotton scrap yarn. This is done so that you can seemlessly pick up sts and knit in the opposite direction. You can insert the needle the way Amy demonstrated in this video for inserting the needle into a destination row. (Of course, you're not going to ripping back your knitting just re-inserting the needle the way she does.) Once you have the needle inserted, you can cut and pick out the scrap yarn and you'll have live sts on the re-inserted needle. This is going to be easier to do if you use a smaller size needle for re-inserting.
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Thank you! That's good news because I actually know how to DO that! I just wasn't sure since I'll be ripping from the bottom instead of the top. So I insert INTO the cotton round and not the first round with my project yarn?
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