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Yes, you're right - in this pattern the RS are odd and the WS are even. So you read the odd lines from right to left, and the even from left to right - just like you knit them.

The descriptions of the twists only count for the odd rows (RS). I have tried to interpret [C]WS as "p into back of 2nd st, p into front of 1st st, slide both sts off left needle together" - so p instead of k. This seems to work. But when I try to do the same for E[WS], thus "p into front of 2nd st, k into front of 1st st, slide both sts off left needle together" I get a strange hole in the knitting and the relief doesn't look the way it is supposed to be at all So it ain't as easy as just inserting k for p "on the way back".
I am confused about it myself, so I can't explain it well... I just know that whatever I try doesn't work

The book is great, indeed I'm quite thrilled that it is to be found online I borrowed it from the library myself, but had to bring it back of course
I already made the star and heart on p50, the butterfly blocks on p51, the bamboo rib on p57, the flower sprigs on p100 and the heart on p101. So if anybody has problems with those, I should be able to help them out It took me a while to figure out the butterflies, heart (p101) and flower sprigs, the other 3 are just an alteration of p and k - I think it is great how much you can do with just those two options
It seems so easy...
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