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Thanks for your trust, but I didn't manage to do that... I'm not very experienced in cable knitting (which I think might be useful here). I don't mind if the pattern isn't exactly followed, but I myself just can't figure out how I can get the line of the leaves in the direction that will mimic the photo.

I've thought about omitting the twist in the WS, but this means the leaves are under the same angle all the time while I really like how they have a steep angle on the outer side in the beginning and then a steep angle on the inner side towards the tip of the leave.

Here's an example of my last try:

So if somebody knows how to get that steep angle, twists or no twists - I'm very interested I haven't been able to find it in any of the books in our local library yet. Or online... I really feel like I should be able to find it in a good book about cable knitting - I mean, it's almost a very small cable
Maybe I just need more experience and try in another half year or so? It is just that I wanted to use it for my project... And I really hate it when I can't do something while I feel the answer is just around the corner

Thanks for all the kind words.
It seems so easy...
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