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Tranquil Lapghan
A friend of mine has a 1 1/2 year old son, which is what made me want to learn to knit in the first place, so I could make some things for him. So, because he's still fairly young, and I'm still so new at knitting, I went through all the free patterns on Mary Maxim to find something relatively small, but large enough for a near toddler, that wasn't too complicated. Instead of using the recommended yarn, I chose cotton yarn in a very vibrant color, Lily's Sugar'nCream Psychedelic, which it very much is. It's going pretty well, so far, except I keep... miscounting... on the Pattern Stitch, doing more knits or more purls than I should, and not realizing it till I'm already on the next row. I recently had to purchase more yarn though, it turned out I had... underestimated the amount needed because the cotton yarn balls are smaller than the skeins in the pattern. My bad.

Here's a link to the pattern: Tranquil Lapghan
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