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Crazyknitter, are you ready?

I'd hoped to get our knitalong rolling in mid-September, but got delayed due to my husband's health issues. Mainly, I've been so distracted, not knitting much, I didn't finish my current project (the Petronia Cardigan) in time. It's real difficult, and if I put it down, I'd lose my mojo for sure. I'd have to retrain my brain all over again.

So anyway, I'm on the last sleeve. The three body pieces are all . I'm going to block the four pieces tomorrow, before knitting the final sleeve past the 31 rows of cuff ribbing. Mainly because I'm not quite certain about the sleeve length. I've knit the sleeve cap three times already, and I'm still doubtful I got the right length for my short arms. The Petronia pattern stitch is a lace pattern, so.until blocked, it's all scrunched up. How much will the sleeve grow when blocked? That's the knot in my stomach.

So are you ready to start our "Ormond" cardigan soon? Maybe in a week?

I'm just checking in with you. I haven't forgotten you!
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