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Needle size; yarn type; circular needles; infinity scarf
Hi. I’m new at knitting so I have a few questions.

Firstly, I would like to buy circular needles to do infinity scarves. I do not know whether to buy needles that are 10mm or 12mm thick (I would like to work with thick wool and make bulky scarves but without huge holes).
I do not know which length of the wire I should buy. If I take, for example, 100 cm (40 inches) can I make smaller scarfs and hats on that or should I buy another circular needles with shorter wire for that?

Secondly, what kind of yarn and how much yarn do I need for scarf like this?
And what size needles?

Thirdly, how can I make infinity scarf using regular straight needles? Should I saw it at the end with regular thread and needle or should I use yard thread and yarn needle? Link to a tutorial or video would be great

Thank you very much,and sorry for so many questions
Learning in baby steps. :D
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