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Gauge and adjustments
I am trying to make a cable sweater and am having huge problems with my gauge. The Sweater is "Knitting the New Classics" Banjo Cable --- pattern below. Initially I knit the entire sweater just to find out it was enormous and no one I know or probably have ever seen could wear it. So I decided to try it again...knitting the smallest version. I did check my gauge and it was too big - this is on size 4 needles and WW yarn. I then went down to size 3.25 needles and still it is too big -- small measures to the largest length wise. Now what should I do --- adjust the pattern down in terms of how many stitches I cast on or go down more in the needle size.

Any thoughts? Oddly I have knitted from this book before on several occassions and my gauge has never been a problem. The pattern I am attempting can be found in the link below if interested.

Thanks so much for any thoughts you may have for me --- Trying to make this for my boyfriend for Christmas and timing is getting short - hahaha
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